Screen Printing

Take your designs to new heights with our eco-friendly, spot color printing or our HiRes AccuColor process. We ensure your promotional products demand attention.


High Quality Printing

We use a four-color technique in our spot color printing. It provides exceptional results that won’t break the bank. When spot colors are combined with unique logo placement, the result is an eye-catching design that truly pops.

Our eco-friendly printing process is free of harmful chemicals like phthalate, PVCs, azo compounds, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and nonylphenol. Instead, we use nontoxic, water-based inks that are environmentally friendly and feel incredibly soft and comfortable to the touch. Take the comfort of your products up a notch—consider printing them on the super-soft tees in our collection. Our experts can help you find the right canvas for your promotional items.

HiRes Printing

Keeping up with the latest technological advancements has its perks. We came up with a new proprietary four-color, screen-printing process. We call it HiRes AccuColor. And, unlike other companies that use simulated or standard four-color process prints at 65 lpi, our HiRes AccuColor prints are printed at 120 lpi. That means your logo is the highest quality, with details that truly pop!

The best part is that our high-definition screen printing process makes it easy to achieve photorealistic designs on every piece. It is the perfect choice for photography-dependent designs. If you’re ready to serve your clients with items that truly impress, look no further than our HiRes AccuColor.

Location… Location

Flexible Printing Options

Don’t settle for the same old prints. Consider spicing up your designs with Target Decorated Apparel’s metallic foil. It is the perfect solution for women’s wear, children’s wear, and even street wear. Plus, it is available in many stylish colors like gold, silver, red, royal blue, black, purple, green, pink, and copper.

Another option to ensure your prints are on the leading edge of fashion is to use unique print locations. There are virtually no more boundaries when it comes to T-shirt designs. We can make almost any design and location happen successfully. Your clients will love having unique garments that set them apart from the crowd.