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HiRes Screen Printing

Our proprietary four-color screen-printing process, HiRes AccuColor consistently blows away the competitions simulated or standard four-color process prints. Our HiRes AccuColor prints are printed at 120lpi versus the competition at 65 lpi. That gives your logo the highest quality and detail on a screen printed logo that really pops! There are no higher quality prints on the market today. This high-definition screen printing process allows photorealistic designs to be printed directly onto garments, a perfect choice for photography-dependent designs. Some people think of it as DTG detail but at screen printing prices. So if you are looking for that detailed print for high quantity orders, look no further that Target Decorated Apparel’s HiRes AccuColor ! To see more examples of our work, visit our online gallery.

HiRes Halftones are a series of dots of connecting different dot sizing and spacing that when it comes together by the skills of the TargetDA Art designers, simulates a tone or gradient. Known for its subtle tones, complex blends and gradients which are printed using Target’s HiRes Halftones using the same 120 lpi vs. the industry standard of 50 lpi. This HiRes Halftone screen print technique is very popular with the digital logos. To see more examples of our work, visit our online gallery

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