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How To Help Your Customers Build Brand Resonance

If branding is everything, are you meeting the mark?

In the previous article about the powerhouse Coca-Cola, we touched on multi-sensory brand image. And because successful marketing campaigns require an understanding of the multi-layer process of branding which includes the five senses, take a look at this four-tier model to get a better grasp on how your brand may resonate with your demographic, or not.


Four-step Brand Resonance Model

To build a brand, take a look at the four-step brand resonance pyramid, which considers brand positioning and how it impacts what consumers feel, think, and do with your brand. This will determine what kind of relationship your consumers have with your product or service and how they relate to it. In other words, the resonance is the customer’s emotional connection with your brand, which develops their ability to consider you when they need what you have to offer.

  1. Brand Identity: To ensure identification of your brand with your audience you must associate the brand in customers’ minds with a specific product class, product benefit, or need. “Who are you?
  2. Brand Meaning: Establish the totality of the meaning of your brand with performance and imagery. Try to think like your customers by strategically linking a host of intangible and tangible brand associations. “What are you?
  3. Brand Response: Extract the needed customer responses to your brand. This is where the power of judgment and feelings comes into play. “What about you?
  4. Brand Relationship: Convert brand responses to cultivate brand resonance and a bonding, active relationship between your customers and your brand. What about you and me? How connected are we?

So as you can see, you cannot establish a connection and win over your ideal customers unless you have cultivated your brand identity. Brand responses cannot happen unless you have developed the right brand meaning. And you cannot foster a brand relationship unless you have elicited the essential brand responses.

All of these components should tie into the making of your brand identity.

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